Multi-Use Studio Experiment in Housatonic, MA

Guest guidelines

 MUSE Guest Guidelines

Welcome! MUSE is a building full of working artists and artisans. Please be respectful of the building and of other people’s workspaces.

  1. Do not allow anyone you do not know into the building. Do not give your access code or key to anyone.

  2. M.U.S.E. is not responsible for any items in the building. Please use a lock on your space to protect your belongings. Please provide SIC with a key to the lock for safety purposes. The key will never be shared outside management.

  3. Keep door to building closed at all times. Never prop the door.

  4. Absolutely NO guest access is allowed on the 3rd floor.

  5. Guests are not permitted to set up and work in the common coworking spaces or lounges.

  6. Guests are not permitted to store food in the kitchenette.

  7. People are in the building to work, please do not wander around on your own.

  8. Each tenant is liable for their guests.